During certain times of the year and in certain parts of the state, residential landscape debris burning of dead vegetation, agency sponsored and agricultural burning projects, and broadcast burning is allowed. However, homeowners and land management stewards should always check with their local fire station or CAL FIRE station, as well as local air quality management agency before burning. Burn permits may be required and during the dry months, CAL FIRE will suspend burning altogether.


CAL FIRE Burn Permit Responsibility Area Viewer (arcgis.com)


See what the burning requirements and alternatives are before you burn.


Check the current burn status of your area.


Apply for a permit.


Type of burn permit application*

  • Residential Burning is burning outdoors at a single or two-family dwelling unit or residence.
  • Broadcast Burning is a controlled application of fire to the land, often called a controlled burn or prescribed fire.
  • Agency/Ag Burning consists of General Projects, where broadcast burning is performed by a state agency or the agricultural industry, or Preventive Projects that could cause a fire.

CAL FIRE Burn Permits are only for within the State Responsibility Area (SRA), or where CAL FIRE has jurisdictional authority.

Residential burn permits are valid on a yearly cycle, May 1st – April 30th.  CAL FIRE will send you an email reminding you to request your new burn permit when it is time to re-apply. If you do not receive the email, please re-apply on or after May 1st.

For information and permits required outside the SRA / CAL FIRE jurisdiction, contact your local City/County fire authority. If the status in your county is marked as "Burning Allowed", you still must confirm that it is a permissive burn day with your local air quality management agency. The contact phone numbers will appear on your permit. 

Violations of any Burning Permit Terms are a violation of State Law (Public Resources Code 4421, 4422, 4423, And 4425).